Here are the dressage foals that have been born at White Gables Stud.

Betty's new foal

White Gables Limoncello 2022

Le Formidable x Disaronno Hit (Dimaggio x Sandro Hit)

Finn and Duchesse 3

White Gables Fingal 2022

Furst Summer x Duchesse D’Hive (Dauphin x Weltmeyer)

Bonheur yearling trotting June 2021

Bonheur 2020

Bon Coeur x Dauphin

Foal cantering

Wild at Heart 2020

Woodlander Wild Child x Sandro Hit

Two year old Teddy trotting left June 2021

Fitzwilliam Darcy 2019

For Romance I x Sandro Hit

Furst Summer dark bay stallion May 2021

Furst Summer 2017

Furst Romancier x Sandro Hit

Disaronno Hit age 3

Disaronno Hit 2016

Dimaggio x Sandro Hit

Le Parisur age 4

Le Parisur 2011

Legrande x Royal Angelo I