Here are the dressage foals that have been born at White Gables Stud and we can’t wait to see the two that are due this summer.

Coming soon

June 2022

Le Formidable x Disaronno Hit (Dimaggio x Sandro Hit)

Coming soon

May 2022

Furst Summer x Duchesse D’Hive (Dauphin x Weltmeyer)

Bonheur yearling trotting June 2021

Bonheur 2020

Bon Coeur x Dauphin

Foal cantering

Wild at Heart 2020

Woodlander Wild Child x Sandro Hit

Two year old Teddy trotting left June 2021

Fitzwilliam Darcy 2019

For Romance I x Sandro Hit

Furst Summer dark bay stallion May 2021

Furst Summer 2017

Furst Romancier x Sandro Hit

Disaronno Hit age 3

Disaronno Hit 2016

Dimaggio x Sandro Hit

Le Parisur age 4

Le Parisur 2011

Legrande x Royal Angelo I